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CFD_lab_report_instructions - CFD figures should be plotted...

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57:020 Mechanics of Fluids and Transport Processes Instructions and Grading for CFD Lab Report Section Points PreLab Questions Submitted before PreLab 10 1 Title Page 5 1.1 Course Name 1.2 Title of report 1.3 Submitted to “Instructor’s name” 1.4 Your name (with University ID and email address) 1.5 Your affiliation (Department, Group) 1.6 Date 2 Test and Simulation Design 10 Purpose of CFD simulation 3 CFD Process 10 Describe in your own words how you implemented CFD process (Hint: CFD process block diagram) 4 Data Analysis and Discussion 50 Answer questions given in Exercise Notes of the CFD lab handouts 5 Conclusions 15 Conclusions regarding achieving purpose of the simulation Describe what you learned from CFD Lab. Comments on the “hands-on” experience, software interface, and lab performance Suggestions and improvements Total 100 Additional Instructions : 1. Each student is required to hand in individual lab report and PreLab questions. 2. Conventions for graphical presentation:
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Unformatted text preview: * CFD figures should be plotted using symbols without X and Y grid * All figures in the report should be either the hardcopies of FlowLab or the plots using other commercial software (Excel). * Color print of figures recommended but not required 3. Reports will not be graded unless section 1 is included and complete 4. CFD Lab report template is provided to facilitate you to write reports. 1 CFD Process Block Diagram 2 Viscous Model Boundary Conditions Initial Conditions Convergent Limit Contours Precisions (single/ double) Numerical Scheme Vectors Streamlines Verification Geometry Select Geometry Geometry Parameters Physics Mesh Solve Post-Processing Compressible ON/OFF Flow properties Unstructured (automatic/ manual) Steady/ Unsteady Forces Report (lift/drag, shear stress, etc) XY Plot Domain Shape and Size Heat Transfer ON/OFF Structured (automatic/ manual) Iterations/ Steps Validation Reports...
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