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Class11_Ex2 - 5.2 The closed tank shown which is full of...

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Unformatted text preview: 5.2!} The closed tank shown, which is full of liq— uid, is accelerated downward at g g and to the right 5.18 This tank is accelerated in the x direction to main-- alone 3- Here L = 2 m, H = 3 m, and the liquid has tain the liquid surface slape at -5/ 3. What is the acceI-. I SPBCifiC gravity 0f 1-3- Determine PC _ PA and eration of the tank? Pa _ Pia- 2(verticall —”X www PROBLEM 5.18 PROBLEMS 5.19, 5.20 2" t +41} =-S +€\£\):—\-1-\m.Kq,Qi—‘—;aq-S\ —_——_=_:MW+3_~____E— 9px; ——'+2.$'I TMM W** 4—2—{76 ”My"% _;>_.ig_—___________f 9‘ N - “it _ a - We. am; _a« g ‘- 3013/! ...
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