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Class11_Ex6 - 2.” An open Lou-diameter tank contains...

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Unformatted text preview: 2.”? An open Lou-diameter tank contains water at a depth of 0.7 to when at rest. As the tank is rotated about its vertical axis the center of the fluid surface is depressed. At what angular velocity will the bottom of the tank. first be ex- posed? No water is spilled from the tank. 12:: Jr EgunJ-mn 1;» Surfaces 9:“ Constant put-55w: 4L 3 1‘ IE 1} 1+ A REA» 5.415.: dean: F5." 19:: surfing outfit £34 ai- r20} 13 R 4;” [IIHF-‘p‘lfln’ :: 0 Sense. 7‘71: mm MfumeJ fian'RWL-J must egum' fire Janka} Wafume, we L ...
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