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Class15_Ex1 - 4.5 A mo-dimcnsional velocity field is given...

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Unformatted text preview: 4.5 A mo-dimcnsional velocity field is given by u = 1 + )- and v = 1. Determine the equation of the streamline that passes through the origin. On a graph. plat this smiine. u —_—. Hy and first .50 {he dreamfifle: are fit!“ by Y+1LY1 : X +6} when? Cir afifi’mllflfi. For Me sfreamfwg Mm! gages #7er x=y=0J i=0. Hence, X=y+iyz This Ifr‘eamfihe 3': Mafia! Mam Mic Mai whee Ar #50, {/23 dr‘recfiafl 01' flow is as drawn. ...
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