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Class21_HW1 - 52" As Shawn in Fig P521 at the entrance...

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Unformatted text preview: 52" As Shawn in Fig. P521. at the entrance to a 3-Ftrwide cfiannel the velocity distribution is unifonn with a velocity 1’. Further downstream the val-suit): profile is given by n == 4y — If. where u is in ft/s and y is in ft. Dctcnnine the value of V. we. fhe awful vafume Ilfldfwthd by #16 bmkm Altar A? 'fltfi Skefoh aha/e... Ham file CMfiEN-Ifiébh a!" max: Pfihfi’flk a: = a1. J'fi K304: =fua’fi‘ f/¥y#2yl)$ajy A 0 1 If? Vfi-Efflé = yfllz— zyajé s o 2 ? —|.l_ 9‘5 203 3 3‘ —- V= i — twfl: 310.75") = 5 5'17 ...
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