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Class24_HW1 - 5 Eli Water flows:hrough a valve{see Fig...

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Unformatted text preview: 5. Eli Water flows :hrough a valve {see Fig. Film} a: tin: raie of 1000 lbmls. The pressure just upstream of the vaivc is 90 psi and the pressure drop across the valve is 5 psi. The insidc diameters of the valve inlet and ein pipes an: 12 and 24 in. If the flow through the valve: occurs in a horizontal plant. deter- mine 1hr: loss in available encrgy amiss the valve. FIGURE m0] ”it: whim! van/m 5W» :1: 74426 Sici‘cé «km 2": used. Wt can H5: 15?- 5'7? 79’ dcknwée. 7956' 49;! x}: emf/474k £5613? assagai‘ed wifl. flu: fbwmfrc’JSIé/t; 5m}. flaw flimsy}. #255 swim-I vafumc. 73“.! 3 1 /055 = 67—):- ,I- Iii-t; ---——_ ,0 2 Ham #1: wrist-rm 15% of WI! pyiia 5;:ch ...
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