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Class29_HW1 - 6J0‘i A liquid{viscosity at 0.002 N-sfm’...

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Unformatted text preview: 6J0‘i' A liquid {viscosity at 0.002 N-sfm’: density = 1000 kgim’) is forced through the eircuia: tube shown in Fig. P6. A differential manometer is connected to the tube as shown In measure the pressure drop along the lube. When the differential reading. Mt. is 9 mm. what is the mean velocity in the tube? Density nl gage fluid .- 2000 halrna l FIGURE P6. 2453mm fqmmhr ffam .m 'i'lmfi _ E212 V—- 3/.“ x. (53.515 2 5r mmamefirr [we fifth-c) , fifb'flh _' (531(5)? :45. I?!” 13-1%...a1p = at (try—y): ”(Eyétr'é) : a-Ofiffiflirflflfi fl ulonofiz — £913 3351 I?" J I {a.ao¥m)1(fg'3 £1.) y.— _.£____fl__.._ -.- J.toxfo"2 # 3 (9.00:. %){gm} 519961: fiyfia/J: numkr {a Can; not Thu-11 gamut: fammqr' E= ,oVKzRJ_ (x0333 gmoxm-z inflame“) a —-—-——_ ,a. 9.002 ”—2 m“- 'V 2-2.0 < Eton Sine: .flg‘Zme Ffaw t3 fqmmqr. 5—H? ...
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