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8.31 \\'ater at 20,C florvs at 3 m/s in a 20_cm smoorh pipe. \\ihat nrusr be the 'erocir,r' of air (stancard atrno- spheric pressure) at 30"C in a l0-cnr snroorh pipe for the t*'o flor's to be d,r'namicalll, sinrilar? If thc_ presSurr, changr' for th.' r'ater frorr' \\'oS
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Unformatted text preview: of pipe, rvhat pressure change should ),ou cer lor thc. air florv u.ith thc- sanlc. lc.ngth of p;p"_1, t.3t W+.^-bf ",r f(*, AF. . fq^v*-\.^. = \"1 kot.--il 1rV 1L' 5t;; y\-J^-L--i---a- 3e 1I.o: (1*w \ V^ D^ = Vw i).^r V,, Vo. . = z_ v.} !<^V^L !6*. .^, =- r a- u = . \ " , , n . z z.\t L(", = Lx...
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