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Class38_HW1 - 3 GI Te conserve water and energy a “flow...

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Unformatted text preview: 3. GI Te conserve water and energy. a “flow l ‘ - ’F'" "“5““ “”35"” reducer“ is instalied in the shower head as ShOWl'l in Fig. PEAS! If the pressure at point (1) remains constant and all losses, except for that in the “flow reducer“ are neglected. determine the value of 33$: $35 in the less coeficient {based 0n the velocity in the pipe} of the “flow reducer“ if its presence is to reduce the flewrate by a factor of 2. Neglect grav- ity. FIGURE ”-51 2.. $4312: Wkfirfi' f1=0,2;=21 J =J- V’r V‘)=—‘- 1457‘91P73391kamx10‘ 02 ‘95 , aft 29(1. .t 26% Wfierepfffi}?5N-§- MW? the flaw reducer {be Hawmte is reduced by a Etc-far of hue. 77m, l/Jr = #:(7339) and V£=%(/’5’67 G?) m'z’fy (2) fl+E=£+mg or fiupwmwm (a; 3' a? ’1? 1553mm by me»; 15%;. 1’ 2'), (1‘2, and (3) we abfarh 3.07; gm": it PHegz'qfi (ta-IX 1%?- 50‘] Dr K; 9.00 ...
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