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9.47 A thin plate 1.5 m long and I .5 m wide is submerged and held stationary in a stream of water (Z : 10.C) that has a velocity of i m,/s. What is the thickness of the bound- ary layer on the plate for Re" = 500,000 (assume the boundary layer is still laminar), and at what distance down- sheam of the leading edge does this Reynolds number oc- cur? What is the shear stress on the plate on this point?
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Unformatted text preview: 9.47 Information and assumptioirs provided in problem statement Find thickness of boundary layer, distance from leading edge and local shear stress Solution Re, : Usn/u: 500,000 r : 500, 00ulug: 500,000 x 1.31 x LO-6 ll:0_.68I_!s 6 : 5r lPiel/z : 5 x 0.655/(500,000)1/2 : 4.63 x 10-3 m : 4.6i!--!gn0 ro :0.332p,(Usln)Rr.!z ro:0.332 x 1.31 x r0-3Q/0.65b) x (b00,000)1/2 : 0.94 N/m2...
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