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Class39_HW1 - 3.16 Air enters a square duct through a 14ft...

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Unformatted text preview: 3.16? Air enters a square duct through a 14ft opening at is shown in Fig. PSI.th Bacam the buunda‘iy- layer dispiaaatnunt flu’ckness inn-cases in thrdirecfinn offinwjt‘fimssary toinmm. the cross-sectional size. of the duct if a constant U = 2 his velocity is to ba maintained outside fin: haunting layer. Pint a graph 0f the duct size, dgafiafunctiuaofxforflfixfi lflfiifUistn _ remain mnatant. Assam laminar flow i FIGURE Pith l :0”; thcampraasfbfa Flatt 05. , 55*} WW: 1?”: 5"?ng éfi'atiffi cf? 1 an) = HR, ”were 3 =65 -2a*J‘..-t at arms” m a: a, dud {affam‘ng far Hat decreased Hannah I}? 525.9 boundary Inter}. Than, mafia-26‘): 0:- d: Hun", m “than _,,,, a E . 6‘= M2! 3% =32: [fig—Tflfig‘] =aw52VJT r15 wfiemxflfl Hence, {m Effie“ d: hamayvx‘n For Hwy/t9, 4":1 Hafx=0 M a': Law If af Pratt, ...
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