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9.81 If the wetted area of an 80-m ship is 1500 m2, ap- proximately how great is the surface drag when the ship is traveling at a speed of l0 m/s? What is the thickness of the boundary layer at the stern? Assume I : l0oC. 9.81 Information and assumptions B2 Flom Table -M
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Unformatted text preview: Find sur{ace drag and thickness of boundary layer at stern. Solution Rer : UsLlu- 10 x S0l0.4x t0-6) Rer, - 5.7x108 Flom fig. 9-U Cf :0.00173. Then Fp : c1Apufi 12 - 0.00173 x L,500 x L,02G x to2 lz: r33 kN 6lr : i4- t -- Rer/r 6l* -- 0.0089 6 : 80 x 0.0089:0.7L2 m...
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