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9.76 A supertanker has length, breadth, and draught (fully loaded) dimensions of 325 m, 48 m, and 19 m, respectively. In open seas the tanker normally operates at a speed of 15 kt (l kt : 0.515 m,zs). For these con- ditions, and assuming that flat-plate boundary-layer conditions are approximated, estirnate the skin-fiiction drag of such a ship steaming in l0oC water. What power is required to overcome the skin-friction drag? What is the boundary-layer thickness at 300 m from the bow? 9.76 Information and assumptions Fbom
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Unformatted text preview: i.4x 10-o provided in problem statement Find skin friction drag, power required and boundary layer thickness 300 m from bow. Solution Re.r. - UsLlu: (15 x 0.515) x3251$.a x tO-6) :L.79 x 10s Fhom rig. 9-|$ Cf :0.00153. Then F" : CyApufr lz 0.00153 x 325(48 + 33) x 1,026 x (rr x 0.51s)2/2 : 1.309 MN 1.309 x 106 x 15 x 0.515 - 10.1 MW T o f i n d 6 a t r - 3 0 0 m F r s P ^2 ls and p = L026 kg/*3 Ugrf u: 15 x 0.515 x 0.515 x 300/(1.a x 10-6) 1.66 x 10e 0.16lRe]/? : 0.0077 300 m x .0077 2.31 m Resoo : : 6l* 6 6...
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