EFDLab3-Template - the lab report. ( 10 points ) B. Answer...

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57:020 Mechanics of Fluids and Transport Processes Measurement of pressure distribution and forces acting on a Clark-Y airfoil Submitted to: Professor Frederick Stern Name:_______________ Fluids ID:______________ Group:______________
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Date:Month/Date/2008 I. EFD PreLab 3 Questions (submitted before Lab2, 10 points) The pre-labs will not be stapled to the lab report. Pre-labs will be turned in to the TA’s prior to lab and will be graded and returned with the graded lab report. II. Test and Simulation Design (10 points) Using your own words describe the purpose of the Lab experiment. III. EFD Process (15 points) Use EFD process diagram for Lab 3 given in the exercise notes and describe in your own words how you implemented the EFD process. Describe all the steps that are applicable. IV. Data Analysis and Discussion (55 points) A. Attach the completed excel data reduction sheet showing all the calculations along with
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Unformatted text preview: the lab report. ( 10 points ) B. Answer all 6 questions in the data analysis section, 4.1. Part1, of the lab exercise notes and include all necessary plots. ( 5 points each ) C. Answer the 2 ePIV related questions shown in section 4.2. Part 2, of the lab exercise notes. ALL ePIV PLOTS NEED TO BE INCLUDED AS WELL. ( 5 points per question and 5 points for all the ePIV plots) V. Conclusions (10 points) A. Conclusions regarding achieving purpose of experiment ( 2 points ) B. What you have learned from EFD Lab. ( 2 points ) C. Comments on the hands-on experience, the software interface, and overall lab performance ( 2 points ) D. Describe the cooperation between group members ( 2 points ) E. Suggestions and improvements ( 2 points ) 2...
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EFDLab3-Template - the lab report. ( 10 points ) B. Answer...

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