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57:020 TEST # 3 Fall 2006 1. A fire hose nozzle has a diameter of 1.125in. According to some fire codes, the nozzle must be capable of delivering at least 250 gal/min. If the nozzle is attached to a 3-in.-diameter hose, what pressure must be maintained just upstream of the nozzle to deliver this flowrate? () 3 1gal min 0.002228ft s = Figure 1 (for Problem 1) Figure 2 (for Problem 2) 2. The exit plane of a 0.20-m-diameter pipe is partially blocked by a plate with a hole in it that produces a 0.10-m-diameter stream as shown in the Figure. The water velocity in the pipe is 5 m/s. Gravity and viscous effects are negligible. Determine the force needed to hold the plate against the pipe. 3. The wave resistance of a model of a ship at 1/16 length scale ratio is 12N at a speed of 3 m/s. What are the corresponding velocity and wave resistance of the prototype? Assume both the model and the prototype are to operate in fresh water. The ship model tests are made according to Froude-number criterion
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