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Spreadsheet for Data acquisition, Data reduction and Uncertainty analysis for measurement Table of Contents General instructions for using data reduction sheet: 1. Experiment summary 2. Data reduction equations enter experimental data or data from lab exercise notes 3. Data acquisition and reduction output values 3.1 Input variables enter data reduction equations to solve for outputs 3.2 Measured variables example of DRE for excel formulation 4. Uncertainty analysis Note: 4.1 Bias limits 1. Only after completing Part 1, proceed to Part 2 4.2 Precision limits 2. Follow the directions provided on the right side 4.3 Total uncertainty 1. Experimental summary Purpose: Facility: Desktop setup at (IIHR) Test design: Spheres fal through a cylinder fil ed with fluid References: 2. Data Reduction Equations 3. Data acquisition and reduction is based on multiple tests 3.1 Input Variables Cylinder Characteristics Quantity Symbol Value Units Distance λ m Temperature (Room) T deg C Gravity g 9.8031 m/s^2 Density, teflon sphere 2148 kg/m^3 Density, steel sphere 7991 kg/m^3 Number of test Μ 10 ----- Coverage factor for standard deviation K 2 ----- 3.2 Measured variables Data acquisition Data reduction Teflon Steel Test # Units 1 kg/m^3 2 kg/m^3 3 kg/m^3 4 kg/m^3 5 kg/m^3 6 kg/m^3 7 kg/m^3 8 kg/m^3 9 kg/m^3 10 kg/m^3 11 12 13 14 #DIV/0! kg/m^3 #DIV/0! kg/m^3 Quantity Symbol Value Units Diameter, teflon sphere m Fal time, teflon sphere sec Diameter, steel sphere m Fal time, steel sphere sec 4. Uncertainty Analysis 4.1 Bias Limits for density Quantity Value Units Directions: m For cel s B89-B92 insert values from table 1 s of lab exercise notes. m s Sensitivity Coefficients Calculations of the sensitivity coefficients are made using mean variable values Quantity Value Units kg/m^4 Directions: kg/(s*m^3) For cel s B 108-111 use the the formulas for sensitivity kg/m^4 coefficients using equations 9, 10, 11, 12. kg/(s*m^3) Value Units kg/m^3 Directions: For cel B 121 use equation 7. 4.2 Precision Limit for density Analysis will be conducted for one type of sphere (Use steel spheres for calculation) Value Units #DIV/0! kg/m^3 M (Multiple Test): 10 ----- Value Units Directions: kg/m^3 For cel B 134 use the equation 8. 4.3 Total Uncertainty Value Units Directions: 0.0 kg/m^3 #DIV/0! Cel s B 139-140 uses values of B121 and B134. 0.0 kg/m^3 #DIV/0! No need to insert anything here. Total Uncertainty Value Units Directions: kg/m^3 For cel B 146 use equation 6. of density and kinematic viscosity Part 1: DENSITY OF GLYCERIN ( ρ G ) (08/09/06) To provide students hands-on experience with table-top facility and simple measurement systems for demonstrating fluid mechanics
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Lab1_Data_Reduction_Sheet - Spreadsheet for Data...

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