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Appendix C: Spreadsheet for data acquisition, data reduction and uncertainty analysis for Table of Contents Color code: 1. Experimental Summary Sections 2. Data reduction equations Comments 3. Data Acquisition and Reduction Enter student data 3.1 Input variables Constants 3.2 Measured variables Calculated or output values 4. Uncertainty Analysis 4.1 Bias Limits 4.2 Precision Limits 4.3 Total Uncertainty 1. Experiment summary Statement of Purpose: To measure velocity profile and friction factor in rough pipe and determine the uncertainties and compare results with benchmark data. Facility: Air-flow unit (WTA) Test Design: Air flows through a pipe system References: Lab2 Handout: .edu/~fluids/Lab/EFDLab2.PDF 2. Data Reduction Equations 3. Data acquisition and reduction for multiple test UA approach 3.1 Input variables Quantity Symbol Value Units Gravity g 9.8031 m/s^2 Number of test Μ 10 ----- Coverage factor for standard deviation K 2 ----- 3.2 Measured variables Target Conditions Date Time The following example illustrates the procedure for calculating Q using velocity Target Reynolds # Temperature(deg C) Fluid Property For calculating the flow rate Q (Cell no. G66) first obtain the velocity profile Re= 100,000 Room Pipe with respect to radial distance. Cells D84-D98 calculates the velocity profile. Target Headdrop (ft water) Initial The following example illustrates the procedure for calculating Q using velocity 0.59 Final integration method. Note: The x axis on the following plot is cell A85 - A91. The
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Lab2_Data_Reduction_Sheet_(rough) - Appendix C: Spreadsheet...

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