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Unformatted text preview: 57:020 Mechanics of Fluids and Transport September 15, 2010 NAME Fluids-ID Quiz 2. A 1-ft-radius hemispherical plexiglass “bubble” is to be used as a special window on the side of an above-ground swimming pool. The window is to be bolted onto the vertical wall of the pool and faces outward, covering a 2-ftdiameter opening in the wall. The center of the opening is 4 ft below the surface. Determine the horizontal and vertical components of the force of the water on the hemisphere. FR = pcA V = (4/3)πR3 pc = Centeroidal pressure A = Area 4 ft bubble 1 ft y x V = Volume of a sphere R = Radius of a sphere = 62.4 lb/ft3 for water Solution: 1) : (+3 points) Thus, (+2 points) Note: FH to right 2) : (+3 points) Thus, (+2 points) Note: FV down on bubble ...
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