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Unformatted text preview: 57:020 Mechanics of Fluids and Transport December 8, 2010 AME Fluids-ID Quiz 12. Small water droplets ( = 9800 N/m3) of d = 0.06 m (6 10-8 m) diameter fall through air. The drops reached to a terminal falling velocity V and the drag force D acting on the droplet is in balance with its weight W = V, where the volume V = d3/6. The drag force is known that D = 3dV if the flow Reynolds number is small such that Re << 1. (a) Find the falling velocity V if the air is under standard sea-level condition ( = 1.23 kg/m3 and = 1.789 10-5 Ns/m2) and (b) calculate the Re and justify the validity of the use of the low Re drag equation. Note that the buoyancy force acting on the droplet is negligibly small and the drops do not evaporate. Solution: (a) Since D = W, or (+5 points) Solve for V: (+3 points) (b) Reynolds number: (+2 points) ...
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