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Collaborating with Google Docs Document I did create a Google Docs Document by importing my week two discussion post about devices in the near future word document. I format the document as well and then I shared it with the instructor as a collaborator. This is the link to my Google Docs Document: /edit People can use a Google Docs Document collaboratively with others to get positive feedback about their work, which believe me some including me could really use some input about what I am doing wrong. Another important way that people; could use Google Docs
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Unformatted text preview: Document collaboratively, people can not only receive advice but they can also give advice to other struggling writers out there as well. Google Docs is also a great tool to write documents collaboratively because it is online so anyone with an Internet connection even people that use low bandwidth can easily reach the document as well. In addition, it has also got version history; which means that people can have up to 10 people editing at the same time and they can see their names at the bottom of the pages as well....
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