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Gardner’s Intelligence 1 Gardner’s Intelligence Sabrina Armstrong PSY/300 Laurel Taron November 14 th , 2011
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Gardner’s Intelligence 2 Gardner’s Intelligences The theory of multiple intelligences also has strong implications for adult learning and development, (Armstrong, 1998-2010, para 5). There are eight of Gardner’s theories of multiple intelligences; but out of the eight, three tend to stand out more because of the impact they have on helping people to succeed in their lives goals.   The first that stands out implicitly is the linguistic intelligence theory. This is the intelligence of words. People may be thought of as word smart, which means that they take pleasure in speaking publically, writing, and reading as well. People often refer to this as linguistically smart. Linguistic intelligence is usually linked amid educational success. The interior skin of linguistic intelligence includes the skill for using vocabulary successfully for things such as speaking, reading, and writing as well.   Other career fields requiring skill in this area include teaching, journalism, and psychology. Convergent aspects of Linguistic intelligence assessed by standard intelligence tests include vocabulary and reading comprehension. Activities requiring divergent thinking include storytelling, persuasive speech, and creative writing. People linguistically talented; this usually helps them to succeed business and during school; for example strong people in this area are usually authors, journalists, and public speakers. A well-developed linguistic intelligence shows itself in attention to words, overtones of words, relations among them, syntax, and the beauty, and substance of style. It is the most obvious element in what people mean by "good writing." Poets show how experts use this intelligence, (Grow, 1998-2010, para 2). Politicians are usually strong in this area, as well because they tend to have a way of
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Gardner Intelligence Paper - Gardners Intelligence 1...

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