Bio Lecture 2 - How Biologists Think 1 What is Science 2...

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How Biologists Think Life, Chapter 1 ; Online lecture module 1 for Monday 1. What is Science? 2. Science - in theory 3. Science in practice: embracing diversity 4. Evaluating scientific information What is science? What does it mean to be scientific? Your peers said…. . • How things work • Anything that can be explored • Questions, answers, explanations • Discovery, exploration, research, ingenuity • Search for truth • Facts and theories • Critical thinking, logical, technology • trusted, underappreciated • complexity • growth, progress (+,-) ethics • power, authority • enjoyable “Art makes life worth surviving for, while science permits survival”
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1. Science: a way of learning - a specific approach to building knowledge and understanding our world - a process in which the accuracy of an ideas is evaluated against what we can measure “science is a method of learning in which people ask questions, experiment, and apply their findings to different situations/processes in the world” Goal of science How much can the brain know? …the total number of things knowable by the brain is no more than 10 14 . . .this number is only one percent of the number of atoms in a grain of salt. But let us look more deeply at a grain of salt. It happens to be a crystal in which the position of every sodium and chlorine atom is predetermined - a regularly alternating structure. If the universe had natural laws that governed its behaviour to the
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Bio Lecture 2 - How Biologists Think 1 What is Science 2...

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