Bio Lecture 3 - How Biologists Think 1. What is Science? 2....

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How Biologists Think Life, Chapter 1 ; Online lecture module 1(should be completed) 1. What is Science? 2. Science - in theory 3. Science in practice: embracing diversity 4. Evaluating scientific information 3. Scientific method in practice Question Develop hypothesis Design study Collect data Analyze data Literature research Seek Funding Revise study Revise HYP Test Prediction Eval Contribution Abandon idea Write report Submit for publ Peer Review Changes to ms Publication Application “Observation” Examine many cases Clarify assumptions Develop model Identify predictions Overcome technical obstacles Seek stats advice Seek collaborators Hire grad stud,techs Response from sci Fame Draw Conclusions Source of questions • Observations of living things (e.g. eastern squirrels vary in color from black to grey) • Controversies in society/science (e.g. human contributions to global warming) • Mismatches between theory and observation (e.g. mathematical models argue that bumble bees shouldn’t be able to fly) • Practical need (e.g. determine maximum allowable harvest of wild fish)
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Diversity/ Variability Fuels Biology Graphical Results for Quantitative Observations of Diversity of Ivy Leaves on Johnston Hall #ofLeaves Length down middle of leaf (cm)
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Bio Lecture 3 - How Biologists Think 1. What is Science? 2....

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