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phys1070 practice exam - Name(please PRINT with SURNAME...

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Name (please PRINT, with SURNAME FIRST) ______________________________________ ID___ ________________________ PRACTICE FINAL EXAMINATION - WINTER 2008 PHYS*1070 Introductory Physics for the Life Sciences I Examiners: M.L. Williams and D.E. Sullivan Allowed aid: Non-graphing calculator. 1. PRINT your name and ID number on this question paper in the space above. 2. Use an HB pencil (= #2 pencil) to fill in the University of Guelph Test Scoring Answer Sheet: bubble in your last name, and first and middle initials , and print your last name and first and middle initials. bubble in your student ID number , and print your student ID number in the appropriate spaces. leave the section number blank in the E-mail ID area, bubble in your Blackboard USER ID , starting at the left. 3. There are 15 questions (of equal weight) and two formula pages; be sure you have a complete set. 4. Do your rough work beside the questions or on the backs of the question pages. (If you require more blank paper, it will be provided). 5. Circle your selected answer for each question on this question paper and then transfer your answer to the Answer Sheet. This question paper, rough work, and the Answer Sheet will be collected at the end of the examination. Place all sheets inside the question paper 6. TO AVOID ERRORS (a) Do not mark your answer on the Answer Sheet until you are sure of your response. Minimize your need to erase answers on the Answer Sheet. (b) If you do erase, do it neatly without smudging. (c) Allow at least five minutes before the end of the exam to check your answers on the Answer Sheet.
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1. A sound wave travelling in the positive x direction has a wavelength in air of 0.17m and a speed in air of 340 m/s. Which equation below describes this wave? (A) y = 2y
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phys1070 practice exam - Name(please PRINT with SURNAME...

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