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BIOL 1040 Final - F08

BIOL 1040 Final - F08 - B1 Last Name B2 B3 total First Name...

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Last Name: First Name: Student #: B1 B2 B3 total BIOL1040 – BIOLOGY II FALL 2008 FINAL EXAM Coordinator: Dr. Dawn Larson Instructors: Drs. Laura Graham, Glen Van Der Kraak, Neil Maclusky, Miranda Hart INSTRUCTIONS 1. Make sure you have this exam, an attendance sheet, and a test scoring answer sheet. 2. For the attendance sheet, enter your name and student number. The invigilator will ask you to sign the form and show your student ID. 3. Enter your name and student number on the Test Scoring Answer Sheet. 4. Enter you name and ID on this cover page and on pages 10 and 11. 5. There are 12 pages to this examination. 6. BE CONCISE!!!! Watch for word, sentence, and space limitations on the answers to the short answer questions. Extra words or sentences exceeding these limits will NOT be marked. 7. Marks will be deducted for spelling, including scientific terms. 8. Calculators are not allowed. PART A – MULTIPLE CHOICE Fill in the Test Scoring Answer Sheet for each of questions 1 - 70. Only the Test Scoring Answer Sheet will be marked. Circling the correct answers on the examination may help you but will not be evaluated. Use only a soft lead PENCIL to fill in the Test Scoring Answer Sheet. Be sure that the circle you fill in corresponds to the question you are answering from the examination. Questions 1-10 Choose the INCORRECT answer Questions 11-70 Choose the CORRECT answer PART B – SHORT ANSWER QUESTIONS, NO CHOICE Answer ALL questions. Total of 17 marks. Hand in the Test Scoring Answer Sheet and ALL pages of the final examination. 1 of 13
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QUESTIONS 1-10 Choose the INCORRECT answer. For each of the following, choose the one INCORRECT answer. 1. Ovulation in mammals is brought about through a combination of the following hormonal changes: a) a sustained increase in circulating estradiol b) rising LH levels in the bloodstream c) FSH stimulation of the ovary during the follicular phase of the cycle d) increased ovarian progesterone release after ovulation, progesterone induces uterine differentiation, preparing for pregnancy e) increased hypothalamic production of gonadotrophin releasing hormone 2. Bacterial replication may involve any of the following: a) duplication of the DNA b) synthesis of new cell wall proteins c) meiotic replication of the bacterial chromosome – bacteria do not undergo meiosis; meiosis is part of gamete formation in eukaryotes d) copying of DNA transferred from other bacteria e) rapid propagation of evolutionarily advantageous mutations 3. In angiosperms, double fertilization occurs because a) multiple pollen grains land on the stigma, so gametes from more than one pollen grain are delivered to the same egg. two sperm nuclei that achieve fertilization in angiosperms are transmitted in the same pollen tube, from a single pollen grain b) mitotic divisions create 8 haploid nuclei in a single ovule. c) two male gametes are delivered from a single pollen grain
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BIOL 1040 Final - F08 - B1 Last Name B2 B3 total First Name...

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