cis1200 - Student Name: _ _ Id Number: _ (Please PRINT)...

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Student Name: _____________________ ___________________ Id Number: ________________ (Please PRINT) Last Name First Name Introduction to Computing F08 CIS*1200 Midterm Wednesday Oct. 29 2008 5:30-6:50 p.m. A-Sm, Rozhall 104 (seats 600) Sn-Z, Rozhall 102 (seats 120) Early Start (Conflicts) 16:00-17:30 MacK 237 Instructor: Allan G. Dyer Page 2 Page 3 Page 4 Total 22 22 21 65 a) Use a Pen please. b) Answer all questions in the space provided. Yours answers should be expressed clearly and to the point. No marks will be given for unclear answers; answers that cannot be read due to poor writing (i.e. a marker cannot read it); or questionable English. c) Use the back of the pages for your rough work if needed.
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Student Name: _____________________ ___________________ Id Number: ________________ (Please PRINT) Last Name First Name 2 1. What is the purpose of this icon? It is displayed in the bottom right hand corner of Windows XP. _____________________________________________________________________________________ 2. _____________ is when a person may contact potential victims by e-mail and ask the victims to provide password/account information for an apparently legitimate reason and use it in a negative manner 3. The ftp function of Web Expression is called ___________________ 4. PMP stands for _____________________ _______________________ ___________________________ 5. When you put a + in front of a word in Google key word search, what do you expect to be returned? (1 mark) ______________________________________________________________________________________ 6. When this page is displayed in Internet Explorer, “This message moves across the screen”. Expression Web is running on your computer and a empty web page is displayed on the screen. In general terms, indicate how you would modify the current page and have the message move across the screen in Internet Explorer. (4 marks) i. _______________________________________________________________________________________ ii. _______________________________________________________________________________________ iii. _______________________________________________________________________________________ iv. _______________________________________________________________________________________ 7. Give the command sequence in Internet Explorer to add the URL of current web page to the list of web pagess that you visit often. (1 mark) _____________________________ __________________________ 8. What does this button do in Expression Web? ______________________________________________ 9. In what way does the feature in question 8 improve the design of web pages? __________________________________________________________________________________ 10. Both Outlook and WebMail are options for handling e-mail. Explain 1 e-mail feature of each that the other does not have. (2 marks) a) ___________________________________________________________________________ b) ___________________________________________________________________________ 11. The following folders are displayed by My Computer.
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cis1200 - Student Name: _ _ Id Number: _ (Please PRINT)...

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