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NAME: Julie Byrd CM: 467 MA 223, Engineering Statistics Fall 2011-12; 15 points possible Due date: Friday , September 9 at the BEGINNING of class . Please type up this first assignment since there are many graphics! You may work together on thinking through and working out these problems, but what you turn in must be your own write up and work backing up your answer. Do not directly copy work from another student’s paper; you should not include something in your write up that you don’t believe or couldn’t support on your own. Please show as much work as possible . When in doubt about what to include, include it! It’s much easier to give partial credit when the work is all available. Please clearly label your graphs – including titles and axes. Here’s what I MUST see for each problem: 1. Work to solve the problem – it may be in words, graphical, a picture, Maple code … you need something to show how you are solving the problem. Please organize your work as clearly as possible. 2. The final answer – clearly circled, boxed, marked, starred, or highlighted in some way. 1. [+1] Quality engineers at an industrial fastener company have the responsibility for assessing the quality of outgoing products. One product of interest is a certain type of bolt produced and sold to auto manufacturers and other manufacturing firms in shipments of tens of thousands of items. To assess the quality of the current shipment of 15,000 bolts, inspectors obtain 100 bolts from the shipment and subject them to various quality tests and measurements to determine thread pitch. (a) What is the target population? Circle the correct answer. (A) Tens of thousands of bolts (B) Current shipment of 15,000 bolts (C) Sample of 100 bolts (D) Any shipment of 15,000 bolts (b) What is the variable of interest for the target population? Circle the correct answer. (A) Length of bolt (B) Straightness of bolt (C) Thread pitch of bolt (D) Number of bolts sampled 2. [+1.5] One of the biggest culprits of statistical misrepresentation caused by bad sampling is surveys done on the Internet to capture opinions of all Americans. (a) What is the the target population? Circle the correct answer. (A) Americans who use the internet (B) All Americans (C) People just living in America (D) People who answer surveys on the internet (E) The sample of Americans who choose to be part of the sample (b) What problem(s) do you foresee in the definition of this target population? What problems might you have with correctly interpreting it? (e.g., does Americans mean North Americans or South Americans?) By using the internet, it limits the sample population to only those with access to internet and thus eliminates whole socio-economic groups from the beginning. Also the informal nature of the Internet would allow for people to forge information with no real measures to prevent a subject from giving false data since they cannot be located in real life or have facts verified in person. (c)
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MA223HW1 - Homework Set #1 MA 223, Engineering Statistics...

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