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SECOND GREAT AWAKENING Mexican War West movement Americans want to move west, they got Texas and want to continue California is desirable because of the ports on the Pacific Rumors of it going to Britain to pay off debt from Spanish Nueces/Rio Grande Border issues Texans say border is at Rio Grande River Mexicans say it's the Nueces River Dissent Polk sends Americans to mouth of Rio Grande and build Fort Texas Sends message to US Pacific Fleet- war possibility War isn't ideal, wants to pay Slidell Sent by Polk to deliver check to Mexican Government, and is refused War Polk (Democrat make America bigger) prepares for war Whigs against- constitutional ground and moral grounds Democrats win and Mexican War is won Thoreau Against war on general principles, doesn't like expanding for more power and expanding for more slave power Goes to jail for standing up for beliefs Wrote essay- Civil Disobedience Mexican Army Not good at what they do, shiny uniforms, so it is unqualified meeting unqualified President- Santa Anna (fired due to loss of Texas) and makes several comeback By 1845 he has 5 presidential terms not in a row and the last one he is exiled to Cuba Makes promise to be a general and president to America and Mexico, lies to both May of 1846 war is declared!!! Fort Brown- city rises up around it to be Brownsville Authorizes 50,000 men to join the army and the purchase of ships 3 PARTS TO AMERICAN PLAN 1. Go south from Brownsville- Under Zachary Taylor, capture city of Monterey and defeat Santa Anna at battle of Buena Vista 1. Go south from Nebraska- Under Kearny, captures New Mexico and then goes west to cut off California. Leaves Doniphan to consolidate the city, move south, and attack. He never passes areas due to Indians 1. Just before the war Fremont is looking for source of Arkansas River, ends up in California, then war starts and northern part of Mexico was Anglo and they declare revolution against Mexico- California goes to Americans
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1.i. General Winfield Scott marches inland to Mexico City and conquers, captures Veracruz quickly, starts marching west, hew as wandering westward looking for Mexico city (didn't have a map) had several battles on the way, ends up in Mexico City . 1.i.a. Attacks Chapultepec- was the Mexican military academy, mostly kids there, similar to Alamo Surrender sanctioned by congress since Mx won't admit loss Treaty Guadalupe Hidalgo Mexican Cession-all the territory above current Mexico (over half of Mexico) Did state Rio Grande was southern border officially US assumes any claims or debts from Mexico US awards 15 million to Mexico to help Mexico rebuild all of its losses Results Americans lost 17,000 men in war, 1700 in battle (15,300 due to disease) First real-time modern reported war Telegraph had a fairly good network at this time Helps Taylor get the presidency Young officers (soon to be generals) got experience here
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