Explorers Review Horky

Explorers Review Horky - 1490s 1500s 1510s explorer...

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NEW WORLD EXPLORERS 1492-1750 p1 explorer nationality region notes 1490s Christopher Columbus I 1492 It for Sp Bahamas, Greater Antilles Discovery of New World Columbus II 1493 Leeward Is, Greater Antilles John Cabot (Giovanni Caboto) 1497 It for Eng N America (Newf?) 1 st Euro contact N America Columbus III 1498 Windward passage, Sp Main João Fernandes Lavrador 1498 Port Labrador, Greenland, north America w/ Pêro de Barcelos Alonso de Ojeda Sp Amerigo Vespucci as observer 1500s Pedro Álvares Cabral 1500 Port Brasil Gaspar Corte-Real 1500 Port NW passage Greenland, went home G Corte-Real 1501 NE North America Newf and NS Gonçalo Coelho 1502 Port Brasil and south Amerigo Vespucci as observer Columbus IV 1502 Leeward, Gr Ant, Cent Am, Panama 1510s Juan Ponce de León 1512 Sp Florida Fountain of Youth legend Diego Velasquez de Cuellar 1512 Sp Cuba (conquest) Vasco Nunez Balboa 1513 Sp Crossed Panama isthmus 1 st Euro to see Pacific Antonio de Alaminos 1517-1518 Sp Southern Gulf of Mexico Looking for western passage Juan de Grijalva 1518 Sp Mexico Alonso Álvarez de Pineda 1519 Sp Northern gulf of Mexico Confirmed no western passage, 1st euro to see Mississippi R Hernán Cortés 1519-1524 Sp Mexico (conquest of Aztecs) Ferdinand Magellan ( Fernão de Magalhães) 1519-1522 Port 1 st circumnavigation of globe Magellen killed Phil Isles 1521, led by Juan Sebastián Elcano
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NEW WORLD EXPLORERS 1492-1750 p2 explorer nationality region notes 1520s Pascual de Andagoya 1522 Sp Peru failure Giovanni da Verrazzano 1524 It for Fr Cape Fear N to Newfoundland Panfilo Narvaez 1527 Sp Florida (BIG failure) Álvar Núñez Cabeza de Vaca 1527 Sp Texas, SW US, N and W Mexico w/ Esteban, 2 other survivors 1 st transcontinental Francisco Pizarro I 1524, 1526, 1527 Sp Peru, NW coast S Amer (all failures) Cristóbal de Oñate 1529 Sp Western Mexico Ambrosius Ehinger (Ambrosio Alfínger) 1529 Ger for Sp (Hapsburgs) Venezuela Worked for Welser banking family. Founded Klein Venedig, Neu Nürnburg (Maracaibo) 1530s Pizarro II 1532 Peru (conquest of Incas)
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Explorers Review Horky - 1490s 1500s 1510s explorer...

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