APES 10-20 - Environmental Protection Agency announces...

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Environmental Protection Agency announces plans to regulate water from fracking Environmentalists and even industry welcome an EPA proposal to regulate wastewater from hydraulic fracturing and other natural gas production from shale. By Neela Banerjee, Washington Bureau October 21, 2011 Reporting from Washington The Environmental Protection Agency said it planned to regulate wastewater discharged by companies producing natural gas from shale formations, including chemically laced water used in a controversial extraction process known as hydraulic fracturing. The EPA's initiative comes as water-intensive natural gas production has spread around the country, raising concerns about the effects on drinking-water supplies. The practice, also known as fracking, involves shooting water infused with chemicals and sand at high pressure into shale formations to unlock reservoirs of natural gas. The EPA will try to determine what to do with water used during fracking, as well as water that is already underground and flows back up the well. Companies now often release the water from the production process into municipal wastewater systems. Those treatment facilities lack the technology to completely remove the chemicals, salt and minerals in the wastewater before sending it into streams and other surface water, said Ben Grumbles, president of Clean Water America
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APES 10-20 - Environmental Protection Agency announces...

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