Ch 23 outline - Chapter 23 23-1 Urbanization and Urban...

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Chapter 23 23-1 Urbanization and Urban Growth A. Urban populations are attracting more and more people throughout the world, developing into centers of poverty. 1. About one half of the world’s people live in cities/densely populated urban areas, drawn there for better jobs and a better life. 2. Cities provide jobs, food, housing, a better life, entertainment, and freedom from the religious, racial, and political conflicts of village life. 3. People are pushed to cities by poverty, no land, declining work, famine, and war. B. Urban trends that affect urban growth 1. The number/proportion of people living in urban areas is growing. a. Most urban areas are along countries’ coastal areas. b. Most huge urban areas are in developing countries. 2. The number of large cities (a million or more people) is increasing rapidly. a. Megacities or megalopolises contain 10 million + people. b. A megalopolis is a merger of a city (or cities) and adjacent urban areas; two such areas are Bowash (Boston–Washington) and Chipitts (Chicago–Pittsburgh). 3. Urban population is rapidly increasing in developing countries. 4. Urban growth is much more rapid in developing countries, but developed countries will be 84% urbanized by 2030. 5. Poverty is becoming more common in urban areas, especially in developing countries. C. Three of four Americans live in urban areas; about half of them live in suburban areas. These urban areas are cities with at least a population of 50,000 people. 1. People first migrated from rural areas to large central cities. 2. Then, people migrated from large central cities to suburbs/smaller cities. 3. Next, people migrated from the North and East to the South and West (1980–). 4. Lastly, some have migrated away from urban areas back to rural areas (1990–). D. Urban life’s quality in America has improved but problems remain. 1. Overall, people have better working and housing conditions and improved air and water quality. City services have improved. 2.
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Ch 23 outline - Chapter 23 23-1 Urbanization and Urban...

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