Appendix C - and interest) Ask the students if any of them...

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Axia College Material Appendix C Sample Lesson Plan Directions Review the lesson plan, then select one of the highlighted sections below to respond to the discussion question in the Main forum. LESSON PLAN Location: Phoenix, AZ Class: Eighth-grade History Unit: The Civil War Teacher: Ms. Boring Lesson Objective Given a series of facts about the Civil War, students will produce an accurate timeline of the major battles in the war. Content Standard Arizona Standard PO3: Construct timelines (e.g., presidents/world leaders, key events, people) of the historical era being studied. Retrieved 3/19/07 from Anticipatory Set (Activity presented to the class prior to the lesson, to stimulate prior knowledge
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Unformatted text preview: and interest) Ask the students if any of them have ever heard of the Civil War. Teaching Input/Lesson Delivery Stand in front of the class and lecture about the Civil War. Students will take notes. Guided Practice Pass out a timeline template and have the students fill in the major battles and the dates that they occurred. Lesson Closure Be sure that students know the events of the Civil War by giving a quiz. Independent Practice Take home a fill-in-the blank worksheet about the Civil War for homework. Materials Civil War timeline Civil War worksheet Social Studies textbook Duration One class period (one hour) AED 205...
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