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Sample Seatwork Activity The important thing with seatwork is to not make it dull. Making the seatwork engrossing, productive, and interesting is important. Otherwise the students will become bored and eventually disruptive to the entire classroom. Thinking of what would be gratifying for the students as they are doing the seatwork would be a great idea. Considering what your students prefer is an advantage I will take; making the work not seem boring. Delivering effective and clear instructions and having set rules for seatwork is the start. I will make sure that each student has own “flag” to rise if they were to need assistance. At first I do not think I will have them assist each other. Later in the year that may be a possibility. The activity will be for first grades and the subject will be math. I will have worksheets printed out
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Unformatted text preview: that have several addition and subtraction problems inside of little balloons, flowers, or stars. Each answer will have to be colored a certain color. This will have the students perform seatwork that is creative and pertains to something that they enjoy doing. While the students are working independently and I am with a small group of students, I will periodically look up at the class to monitor their behavior and work. If there is a need for some sort of communication with a student in the class I will take the opportunity while the students in my group are silently working. This way I am not disrupting the group or embarrassing the student who is misbehaving. This activity will let me know which of my students are grasping the concept of addition and subtraction, and which students still need a little extra help....
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