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Multiple Intelligence Theory My plan is to teach elementary aged students and my topic will be History. While teaching young students about History I will be able to use the following five intelligences. Naturalist intelligence would be applied during lessons after speaking to the class about Thanksgiving and the discovery of Plymouth Rock. After going over the story of how Plymouth Rock was discovered. I could have the student’s identify the difference among the Pilgrims and the Indians; by explaining to me and each other what makes them different. I would also make sure to include how the Indians taught the Pilgrims about farming and living off of the land. In this lesson I could also apply the Linguistic intelligence theory as well. By having the student’s write a short poem or note to their parents explaining what they are “thankful for” during this time of year. Spatial intelligence could be used in the same lesson or really any lesson in History. Since the
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Unformatted text preview: stories and facts included in any History lesson is in the past and the people, places, events spoke about in the lesson have to be imagined in each students mind. The students could also be prompted to draw pictures of the Indians eating the first Thanksgiving feast together. Intrapersonal intelligence, once again could be used within the same lesson or any History lesson. In order to understand each historical event we must have an understanding as to why each event took place. Students need to understand why the Revolutionary War took place and having intrapersonal intelligence will make that easier. Interpersonal intelligence can be applied to any subject and culture. This intelligence can be applied in History by the implantation of historical knowledge in the students; then the students desire to be a part of History, such as becoming President or working for the government....
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