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Case Study Since Mario comes from a multi-cultural family who speaks Spanish in an English speaking country. Because Mario and his family’s native language is Spanish he is more biologically built to have the ability to speak Spanish first. The beginning of Mario’s language development starts with Nativism; due to his hereditary and family culture. As Mario gets older and starts school his environment changes with the addition of the English speaking people around him in school environments, and most likely the American cultural he comes into contact with as he gets older. Mario’s social interactions are mostly spoken in the English language (when outside of the home). At this time is when Mario passing through the Learning Perspective; Skinner’s theory. Mario is learning concepts and meanings of English words from his school peers, teachers, and adults. Since English is not his native
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Unformatted text preview: language Spanish is native language, and this situation adds to his accent, now. Over the years he has spent in America, Mario’s accent fades away. Mario’s love for talking is his positive reinforcement for the Interactionist theory; formed by Vygotsky. He wants to learn English because he receives a positive reinforcement by the joyful interactions he has within the conversations. As Mario becomes older and more knowledgeable with the English language is able to excel on the state standardized tests; this may have something to do with his cognitive process. I believe that children pass through each of the language theories, and eventually move to cognitive thoughts that are both biologically enforced and socially enforced through environments and genetics....
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