Reading Notes October 24th

Reading Notes October 24th - Carter Whittington Jordan...

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Carter Whittington Jordan Radke Soci 415 24 October 2011 Reading Notes 10/24 Thompson’s article on Everquest is essentially a case study on how virtual online worlds have begun to merge with the real world. He provides several examples to show how the online gaming community, especially through Everquest, has created real world value with it’s avatars and virtual currency. Furthermore, the online world provides a way to study, on a level playing field, capitalism vs. socialism. Thompson points out that players in these online worlds prefer an unequal playing field in order to try and advance themselves, but at the same time many will pay money to skip ahead and get a leg up on other players. This interesting dynamic is the focus of the article and by alluding to the Sims and other online worlds, Thompson makes several conclusions about free-market economies and the “government” that controls them. One of which is the role the government should play in adjusting the economy or staying out of its way. Castronova points out that online games with scarcity have been immensely more popular
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Reading Notes October 24th - Carter Whittington Jordan...

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