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Final Religion Essay 5 - Final Religion Essay 5 Many of the...

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Final Religion Essay 5 Many of the earliest Israelite prophets place great emphasis on the notion of social justice (equitable treatment of other human beings). Compose an essay in which you trace the thread of this theme in two prophetic books. The first should be Amos and you may choose the second from either Micah, Isaiah (1-39), or Jeremiah. Finally, contrast this theme with the dominant theme in the book of the Prophet Hosea. Basically Amos is sent by God to warn everyone that their social injustices are bringing a day of judgment by another nation. YHWH speaks to Amos, a farmer and herder, and tells him to go to Samaria , the capital of the Northern kingdom. Through Amos, God tells the people that he is going to judge Israel for its sins, and it will be a foreign nation that will enact his judgment. Examples in Amos: Amos 6:4-8- Amos is telling the people who live in luxury without concern for the poor and didn’t grieve over the ruin of Joseph that they shall now be the first to go into exile. He warns that God abhors the pride of Jacob and will deliver up the city and all that is in it. Amos 8: 4-8- The Lord tells everyone who tramples on the needy and brings to ruin the poor of the land that he will not forget any of their deeds and that the land will tremble on this account. Amos 2:4-5- The Lord says that because the people of Judah rejected the law of the Lord he will send a fire on Judah and that fire “shall devour the strongholds” Amos 5: 3- “For thus says the Lord God: The city that marched out a thousand shall have a hundred left, and that which marched out a hundred shall have ten left.”- Here, God is punishing times 10 anyone who kicked people out I guess. Examples in Jeremiah:
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Final Religion Essay 5 - Final Religion Essay 5 Many of the...

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