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Final Religion Essays Babylonian Exile Sunday, December 13, 2009 4:31 PM Essay One Compose an essay in which you compare and contrast various responses to the experience of the Babylonian exile. You should discuss three of the following literary works and provide detailed examples to support your arguments: Ezekiel, Lamentations, Obadiah, Judges, Isaiah 40-55, and Genesis 1. Remember we are not merely asking for random facts about these literary works, we want to know specifically how they respond to the Exile Background Info on Exile King Josiah dies in 609- King of Judah o Two decades later Babylonians take over Israel and end 400 year old David dynasty o Destroy the Temple of Jerusalem Very significant event for the Hebrew people- well preserved in the Bible o Ezekiel participated in Babylonian exile o Lamentations and Psalms reference it First major ruler of Babylonian empire- Nebuchadrezzar II (605-562 BCE) Timeline First siege of Jerusalem 597- King Jehoiachin of Judah surrenders to Nebuchadrezzar II o Babylonians ransacked the Temple and royal treasuries but did not destroy Jerusalem o Neb. II appoints Mattaniah (Zedekiah) as King of Judah Zedekiah asserts Jerusalem's independence in 590 o Neb. II army laid siege to Jerusalem- city falls in 586 after being weakened by famine- destruction of the First Temple o Elites of Israel were deported, king imprisoned o Babylonian rule until Persian empire 539-333 BCE After the Fall: Jews in Judah and Babylon Judeans had two distinct geographies: Promised Land and Babylon (some Jews fled elsewhere) o Majority of Jews were forcibly exiled to Babylon o Tension began between those who were dispersed, the "Diaspora" and those who remained in Judah o Major cities were inhabited by squatters- "the poorest of the land" (Jeremiah 40.7) This largely rural population formed the nucleus of the restored Judean community
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This led to eventual conflict with returnees from Babylonian exile o Prophet Ezekiel is exiled during this time Considered him and others to be the true Israel, with whom Yahweh himself had gone into exile, while those left in the land were among the guilty. o Many of the elite from Jerusalem were taken to captivity in Babylon Judean survivors are attributed with the literature from this time period Lamentations Final edition of the Deuteronomistic History Editing of several prophetic books, including Jeremiah Book of Lamentations A collection of detailed and sustained reactions to the fall of Jerusalem in 586 BCE, in which a poet or poets lament the destruction of the city. Genre- funeral dirge Expresses grief for the ruined city of Jerusalem in a series of 5 separate perhaps originally independent poems- the first 4 are acrostics (first letters of successive lines form a word or pattern) Personifies Jerusalem as a dead person o "She weeps bitterly in the night" (Lam 1:2) o "Her foes have become the masters" (Lam 1:5) Contrast the cities former beauty and strength with the present appearance and
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Final Religion Essays - Final Religion Essays Babylonian...

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