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Poli 100 Midterm Study Guide

Poli 100 Midterm Study Guide - 100 Inegalitarian Traditions...

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100 Inegalitarian Traditions Inegalitarian traditions are rooted in a need for superiority over another. Instead of one dominant tradition, there are multiple, and not all are positive. Such traditions include racism, sexism, classicism, ablism, homophobia, and ageism. Someone benefits from the traditions. Thus, American political culture is shaped by the influence of liberal tradition and inegalitarian traditions. Obama wants to avoid the focus on racism following former President Jimmy Carter ’s assertion that racism was behind a Republican lawmaker’s outburst against Mr. Obama last week as the president addressed a joint session of Congress. However, an inegalitarian issue like racism is not going to dissapper, it contributes to the fabric of our political culture. Even though Obama wants to move forward from the racism issue, it will remain a fixture of American public opinion. 9/17 A1, "As Race Debate Grows, Obama Steers Clear of It" Anti-Immigrant Sentiment The American sentiment regarding immigrants is concerned with a disruption of American well-being. Americans are worried about losing their jobs to high tech workers from overseas. Also, immigrants from the Middle East pose a treat of terrorism. There is worry over accommodating immigrants, and a spread of “English-only” laws. Furthermore, Anti-immigrant advocates see multiculturalism in the university as a loss of citizen opportunities through affirmative action programs. The article dicusses the sector of the population that has gone unnoticed, the elder immigrant population. The often come to America to live with elder children, but find themselves living alone and depressed. The article focuses on this unfortunate circumstance, however, an anti-immigrant advocate would have a different perspective. The vast majority of elder immigrants hold no job, live in housing provided for by the government, and dependent on welfare. 8/31 A1, "Invisible Immigrants, Old and Left with 'Nobody to Talk To” Political Culture Political culture is composed of shared ideals, and is important because it helps create the context for politics and boundaries for political action. It influences and shapes our language and understanding. It has a dynamic nature, and evolves and changes because citizenry changes through immigration. However, there is a gulf between reality and intended ideals. This drift is that of liberal traditions and inegalitarian traditions. The House’s decision to formally rebuke Wilson has an affect on political culture in that it set a precedent for such behavior and what will be tolerated from elected officials. Incidents such as these shape our understanding of the current political environment. 9/16 A13, "House Formally Rebukes Wilson for 'You Lie' Outburst" States as Laboratories for Policy Testing 9/3: A14, "Voters in Maine Will Decide Fate of Same-Sex Marriage Law" 9/1: A1,"Montana Court to Decide Claim of Right to Doctor's Aid in Dying" 10/1: A17, "Justices Will Weigh Challenges to Gun Laws"
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Decentralization & Decision-Making
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