Law 3102 Spring 2011 Study Guide Final exam

Law 3102 Spring 2011 Study Guide Final exam - Law 3102 How...

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Unformatted text preview: Law 3102 How to Focus Your Time Agency (Chapter 1 and Chapter 2)everything we covered in class; including duties of agent to principal, duties of principal to agent; effects of breach of agent duties on the principal and agent; authority of agent to act on behalf of principal; when and how agent binds principal and effects of agents failure to act with authority on principal, agent and third party; contract liability of principal; tort liability of principal for acts of agent; tort liability of agent; tort liability of employer for acts of employee Partnership and other Entities (Chapter 3 and Chapter 4 up to page 79) everything we covered in class; including what is a general partnership; how is general partnership formed (nature and formation of general partnerships); general partnerships vs limited partnerships; duties of partners to the partnership and each other (partners rights and interest and relationship and rights among partners); tort liability of partners to each other and partnership;...
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