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UNIVERSITY ENTRANCE EXAMINATION HUMANITIES Time: 3.30pm to 6.30pm Duration: 3 hours Please read the following instructions carefully. 1. This examination has THREE (3) sections – A, B and C, and comprises FOUR (4) printed pages. 2. Answer FIVE (5) questions from any of the three sections. Candidates intending to offer Economics or Computing must answer at least THREE (3) questions from the Economics section, i.e. section A. 3. Write your answers on the answer paper provided. Begin each question on a fresh sheet of paper. Write the question number beside each question. 4. At the end of the examination, attach the cover paper on top of your answer script. Complete the information required on the cover paper. The cover paper for this examination is PINK. 5. Do not take any paper, including the question paper and unused answer paper, out of the examination hall.
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SECTION A - ECONOMICS 1. ABC Telecoms, one of the two long-distance telephone companies in the country, recently cut its rates on all international telephone calls. a.
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