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PLUS Session 11 (Optimization Problems)

PLUS Session 11 (Optimization Problems) - PLUS...

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PLUS Session (Optimization Problems) Directions: For the next 30 minutes, work together in groups (3-4) on the following problems/questions. Afterwards, each group will present their solutions and answer questions relating to the correct answers. Everyone must work together! GOOD LUCK! Strategies Toward Solving Optimization Problems: Step 1: Draw a representative figure and assign labels to the relevant quantities. A. Draw Step 2: Identify the quantity to be maximized or minimized and a find a formula for it. A. Given specifics, create formula B. Find desired formula Step 3: Express the quantity to be maximized or minimized in terms of a single variable; use the conditions given in the problem to eliminate the other variable(s). A. Reduce given formula to a function of one variable and substitute into desired formula. Step 4: Determine the domain of the function generated by Step 3. A. What interval must x lie in? Step 5: Apply the techniques of the preceding sections to find the extreme value(s).
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