IFMG FINAL TURN IN - Bubbetts Beauty Bar My oldest sister...

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Bubbett’s Beauty Bar My oldest sister approached me the other day asking for my assistance in evaluating and purchasing a computer for her existing beauty salon business. The salon is currently without a computer and has been recording the day to day business functions slowly by hand, thus wasting a substantial amount of time and resources. Having a computer would prove invaluable in situations such as this one. Just being able to have an electronic copy of all the financial incomes
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and outcome of the business in a spreadsheet will allow my sister, the owner, to regularly be aware of the profit or loss she is making. A computer could perform all those time consuming tasks such as; calculating staff wages, commissions, and other accounting work, in a fraction of the time minus the mistakes of doing it the old fashioned way. A computer could also assist in holding reservations and other important client information, leaving my sister with more time to supervise the salon. I agreed to help her, and luckily for her I had just finished taking a university class that was primarily based on the intricate details and workings of modern computers. One of the key ideas I learned from taking that course was that it is important to weigh your options when selecting a computer. This is because there are tons of computers on the market, some better than others and some tailored to specific needs. Therefore I decided to explore online and visit local computer distributers to evaluate the different choices I had. I was trying to make sure that I exceeded all of her minimum specifications and got the most for her money. The first major decision was to decide between a laptop or a desktop. I came to the
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IFMG FINAL TURN IN - Bubbetts Beauty Bar My oldest sister...

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