Midterm #1 - 1 Jewish Society and Culture II The Early...

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1 Jewish Society and Culture II The Early Modern and Modern Experience History 506:272/Jewish Studies 563:202 Spring 2008 Midterm #1 The total time of the exam is 80 minutes. It is advisable to begin by skimming through the instructions for parts one and two (in order to know what to expect and how best to divide your time between sections). You may wish to reserve 5 minutes or so at the end for reviewing, correcting, and editing your answers. This last phase can significantly improve the quality of your performance. Be sure to write your name on the cover of your answer books. No books, notes or any extraneous material WHATSOEVER are to be consulted during the exam. Good luck! Part I: Terms for Identification (The 5 “W”s: Who, What, Where, When, and Why is this historically significant) Please provide a factual identification of FIVE of the following terms. (20%) Hevra Kadisha the Venetian Ghetto Marranos 1648 Doenmeh Shulkhan Arukh Council of Four Lands tikun Part II: Short Text Analyses (80%) You will write four analyses. Please take the time to read the texts and questions carefully, to organize your thoughts, and to write a clear, concise analysis. Pay careful attention to any italicized phrases or terms, and make sure you specifically analyze and address the citation at hand when answering the questions. Endeavor to show your understanding of the primary documents we have studied, as well as to demonstrate your familiarity with the secondary reading; make sure to place the excerpt into a broad historical context. A, B, and E are required. You have a choice between C and D. Each question will be weighted equally ( 20%) , so try to spend an equal amount of time on each question. A. In Samuel Usque’s Consolations for the Tribulations of Israel he wrote: “The eighth and most signal way by which you will rise to a higher degree of consolation is in the great nation of Turkey. This country is like a broad and expansive sea which our Lord has opened with the rod of his mercy, as Moses did for you in the Exodus from Egypt, so that the
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This test prep was uploaded on 04/06/2008 for the course JSCII 202 taught by Professor Schainker during the Spring '08 term at Rutgers.

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Midterm #1 - 1 Jewish Society and Culture II The Early...

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