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Unformatted text preview: Assignment 7 (On-campus students: Due 3pm Tuesday Nov. 8; Off-campus students: Due midnight Thursday Nov. 10) An experiment is conducted to study the influence of operating temperature and three types of face-plate glass on the light output of an oscilloscope tube. The following data are generated: Temperature 125 GlassType 100 150 1 58.0,56.8,57.0 107,106.7,106.5 129.2,128.0,128.6 2 55,53,57.9 107,103.5,105 117.8,116.2,109.9 3 54.6,57.5,59.9 106.5,107.3,108.6 101.7,105.4,103.9 a) Write down the statistical model. Use ANOVA to test if the involved factorial effects are significant. State the hypotheses and use α = 5%. b) Obtain the estimates of the main effects and interaction effects. c) Use proper plots to check assumptions. d) Generate the interaction plot for glass type and temperature and interpret the interaction. e) Use the Bonferroni procedure to perform pairwise comparison for glass type level means (i.e., row means) and draw your conclusions? f) Use Tukey’s method for the pairwise comparison between treatment (or cell) means. Report your results. g) It is clear that glass type is a categorical factor and temperature is a continuous factor. Use regression to obtain the functional relationships between the response (light output) and temperature for the three types of glass. 1 ...
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