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Assignment 9 (On-campus: Due 5pm Tuesday Dec. 6. Off-campus: Due midnight Thursday, Dec. 8.) 1. The surface finish of metal parts made on four machines is being studied. An experiment is conducted in which each machine is run by three different operators and two specimens from each operator are collected and tested. Because of the location of the machines, different operators are used on each machine, and the operators are chosen at random. The data are shown in the following table. Analyze the data (i.e. estimate and test the parameters including fixed effects and variance components) and draw conclusions. Machine1 Machine2 Machine3 Machine4 ————– ———— ———— ————– Operator 123 79 94 46 92 85 76 88 53 46 36 40 62 62 74 57 99 79 68 75 56 57 53 56 47 2. An experiment is designed to study pigment dispersion in paint. Four different mixes of
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