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3510 studyguide-fall 2011

3510 studyguide-fall 2011 - PROF GAIMON MGT 3510 STUDY...

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PROF. GAIMON MGT 3510 STUDY GUIDE for FINAL EXAM Fall 2011 NOTE: The purpose of the study guide is to give students a sense of the type of questions that will appear on the final exam. The study guide is not intended to serve as the basis for all preparation since many topics are not included here. 1. What is meant by the technology strategies referred to as: (a) economies of scale, (b) economies of scope, and (c) economies of integration? Explain each and give an example of a firm that has benefited from each strategy. 2. Briefly describe the four classifications (categories) of core capabilities . What were Booz- Allen's core capabilities at the start of the case? 3. Based on the Booz-Allen & Hamilton case study, explain how a core capability can become rigidity . What did Booz Allen do to respond to the core rigidities it described at the start of the case? For what other firms have we observed core capability become rigidity? How can a firm avoid this problem? 4. (a) Why may implementation of resource-based change lead to short-term deterioration in performance and long-term potential gains not fully realized?
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