summary 17 - Caitlin Vodopia 11/29/2010 Managing...

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Caitlin Vodopia 11/29/2010 Managing Knowledge-Based Resource Capabilities in Times of Uncertainty Manufacturing plants have three repositories of knowledge: o The physical production and information systems embedded in the plant’s technical systems, such as the selection, design, and development of the manufacturing and information technologies o The plant’s human workforce, which has the knowledge to effectively operate the plant’s technical systems, as well as diverse scientific information and engineering skills o The firm’s managerial systems which embody knowledge in the form of goals, reward systems, and coordination systems Outcomes of investments in knowledge are uncertain due to a variety of factors, including technical problems, workforce resistance, or limited financial resources A firm’s resources can be defined as “all assets, capabilities, organizational processes, firm attributes, information, knowledge, etc., controlled by the firm to conceive of and implement strategies that improve its efficiency and effectiveness
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summary 17 - Caitlin Vodopia 11/29/2010 Managing...

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