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MUAR 211 MIDTERM (2) NOTES - Listening 1 Bach Contrapuncus...

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Listening 1. Bach, Contrapuncus from Art of Fugue a. 4-voice fugue b. Mid-18 th century (1751) c. Strings 2. Bach, Suite – beginnings of both the Air and the Gavotte a. Early 18 th century (1730) b. Air i. Binary Form – a form having 2 sections ||: a :||: b :|| ii. French word for aria iii. In a dance form, but not a dance iv. Uses sequences v. Long melodies vi. Strings c. Gavotte i. Duple meter dance with a moderate tempo featuring a double upbeat 3. Mozart Symphony No. 40, 1 st movement (entire) a. Late-18 th century (1788) b. Exposition, Development, Recapitulation 4. Haydn Symphony No. 95, beginnings of all movements (Late-18 th century 1791) a. First Movement (Sonata form) i. fast b. Second Movement (Theme and Variations) i. Slow c. Third Movement (Minuet Form) i. Triple meter d. Fourth Movement (Rondo) 5. Mozart Piano Concerto in A, 1 st movement a. Late-18 th century (1786) b. Double exposition sonata form 6. Mozart Piano Sonata in Bb, 3 rd movement (1787) a. Syncopation – (accents on wrong beat) the accenting of certain beats of the meter that are not normally accented b.
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