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Baroque+Instrumental+Music+II - NB—this material is only...

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Baroque Instrumental Music II Fugue Fugue —a polyphonic composition for a fixed number of voices or instruments built on a single principal theme (highly systematized imitative polyphony) Subject —the theme on which the fugue is based Exposition —beginning of a fugue; all voices present the subject; when all voices have presented the subject, the exposition is over Episode —a passage in a fugue that does not contain any complete appearances of the fugue subject Other features of some fugues: sequence —duplication of a motive at 2 or more different pitch levels; this is a common procedure of Baroque music in general stretto —one subject entry overlaps another entry in time, with the second jumping in before the first is complete Countersubject —the material heard in the first voice after the second voice enters;
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Unformatted text preview: NB—this material is only referred to as a countersubject if, when the third voice enters, the second voice also performs this same material; NOT all fugues have a countersubject J.S. Bach, The Art of Fugue , Contrapunctus 4 (publ. 1751) - 4-voice fugue The Baroque Dance Suite suite —collection of miscellaneous dances stylized dances —dance music intended for listening, not for dancing Types of Baroque dances: Allemande, Courante, Sarabande, Minuet, Gavotte, Bourrée, Siciliana, Gigue Form of Baroque dances binary form —a musical form having 2 different sections J.S. Bach, Orchestral Suite No. 3 in D (c. 1730)- air— French word for aria, - in a dance form, but not a dance - form - use of sequences - gavotte —duple meter dance with a moderate tempo featuring a double upbeat - form - inversion...
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Baroque+Instrumental+Music+II - NB—this material is only...

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